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Weight loss advice

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Weight loss advice

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Lose belly fat! Weight loss  

Drink Green Tea regularly to help you lose abdominal fat, lose weight, youthful skin, reduce stress, relax, and from research, it lowers the risk of cancer and much more.  Green Tea is made from unfermented leaves which are simply heated after picking by either steaming or dry roasting to decrease oxidation and as a result, has the most significant amount of antioxidant.  Keep to drinking Green Tea as plain to help reduce your waistline.  Adding milk, sugar or honey adds to calorie count

Green Tea improves digestion and reduces bloating.  Green Tea is a potent diuretic that helps to expel water and salt (sodium) from the body as urine, this helps with bloating, and if you drink Green Tea after your meal, it will speed up digestion and allows your b

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