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So you think you are profitable?

Ecommerce is popular these days and many people are jumping in without any prior experience. They make mistakes that they shouldn't if they only do the math.

For additional information and a video on the subject, visit http://bit.ly/are-you-profitable3 

Mr. Babar writes regularly for BloggerKhan.com on ecommerce and outsourcing.

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Don't Get Red Carded by marketplaces

  1. Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Walmart are big – you are not
  2. Companies with trademarks to protect are also generally big and have lawyers – you don't
  3. Marketplaces have their own rules – whether you like them or not, you have to play by their rules
  4. If they don't want you to sell what they consider weapons, don't. You may think it is a small knife but if they think it is a weapon, they are right, you are not.
  5. If they don't want you to sell what looks like a confederate flag, don't.
  6. If they restrict your account or close it – you can be in serious financial trouble.
  7. Avoid the wrath of marketplaces and save your account
  8. Block what needs to be blocked for a specific marketplace – why lose all sales
  9. Use a service like http://UploadMyProducts.com to block based on:
    1. Distributor
    2. Manufacturer
    3. Category
    4. Product:
      1. Title
      2. SKU
  • GTIN
  1. Keyword 

Watch good video on the subject and additional content at http://bit.ly/red-carded1 

Good Luck!

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Excellent and Professional Dedicated Team to Manage Your Projects

Excellent and Professional dedicated team to manage your Small, Medium and Large product data entry services projects at affordable prices, Take a free trial and evaluate us. Client satisfaction is our first priority.

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Ebay Data Entry help

Ebay Data entryGuys a friend of mine needs help in getting products listed on eBay. I know a little bit but I don't have the time plus I would like her to work with someone who knows a lot more than I do. Help! 

If you are reading this article, you most likely need help with getting your products listed on eBay. Many merchants, especially small businesses don’t have the manpower to spare to do data entry. They have the products that they believe people on eBay would be interested in but they simply don’t have the time or personnel to do it for them. That’s where we can come to your rescue. I know of a company that does that. Their website is Ebay Data Entry help  You can also call them at 1-972-245-0340

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Why are my eBay listings showing See Full Item Description


I am AN eBay vendor and that I noticed that my listings aren't showing the descriptions and instead there's a button that says 'See Full item description'. After I click the button, the small print page shows. That’s not however it's imagined to be. It’s going to be losing American state search rankings additionally. The prime season has started and that i am frantic.

Finally I found the cure, do not be frantic. This can be due to Google's push at implementing tighter browser security and eBay is attempting to abide by. There’s a decent and straightforward fix listed at Why are my eBay listings showing See Full Item Description

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The challenges of selling on eBay


eBay is one of the many marketplaces you can join in order to promote and sell your products. But it comes at a cost as the site itself charges a fee and some merchants may feel exploited. There are even cases of closing seller’s accounts. So, here’s what you should know if you are planning to list your products and register as a seller.

With the holiday shopping season approaching, many of you may be thinking of selling on eBay. That is not a bad idea but better to do so with your eyes open. Here is a good article about the challenges of selling on eBay The challenges of selling on eBay

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