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So you think you are profitable?

Ecommerce is popular these days and many people are jumping in without any prior experience. They make mistakes that they shouldn't if they only do the math.

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Don't Get Red Carded by marketplaces

  1. Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Walmart are big – you are not
  2. Companies with trademarks to protect are also generally big and have lawyers – you don't
  3. Marketplaces have their own rules – whether you like them or not, you have to play by their rules
  4. If they don't want you to sell what they consider weapons, don't. You may think it is a small knife but if they think it is a weapon, they are right, you are not.
  5. If they don't want you to sell what looks like a confederate flag, don't.
  6. If they restrict your account or close it – you can be in serious financial trouble.
  7. Avoid the wrath of marketplaces and save your account
  8. Block what needs to be blocked for a specific marketplace – why lose all sales
  9. Use a service like to block based on:
    1. Distributor
    2. Manufacturer
    3. Category
    4. Product:
      1. Title
      2. SKU
  • GTIN
  1. Keyword 

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Good Luck!

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E-commerce SEO tips and techniques

Hey e-commerce guys – pay attention. I came across a good article that explains how you can get a leg up on your competition through category descriptions.

We just published an editorial that explains how you can get a leg up on your opposition thru class descriptions.category-descriptionsMost e-commerce websites have their merchandise identified by classes to make it less difficult for clients and themselves when doing seek and filter. Big brands do not have a whole lot of textual content on their class pages, but as an alternative pass for an extra smooth look and permit the goods to communicate with themselves. They are able to do that due to the fact they do now not want long category descriptions for SEO juice as they may be already seen to their customers and may have enough money to put it on the market. You are small, you can not spend a lot on marketing. So that you should be smarter and use search engines are your allies. You could use extra descriptive textual content at the top of your categor

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